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Oden (Japanese Fish Cake Stew)

Oden is a heartwarming one-pot Japanese dish and also my kind of comfort food. Some of the typical toppings include fish cakes, daikon, konjac, and boiled eggs. But to be honest, you can add anything you like in the pot because the broth is what matters the most here.

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Black Sesame Japanese Cotton Cake

What can you do when you only have eggs, milk, sugar, and flour? Here is a good recommendation for you! Japanese Cotton Cake is famous for its airy and fluffy texture, and it uses a few simple ingredients. In this recipe, I used the “Scalded Flour Method”, which allows the cake to become more moist and fluffy. It was my first ever attempt to make this type of cake, and you can see how successful it was. So let’s get our hands dirty for this delicious cotton cake.

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