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More Northern Vietnamese Cuisine: Hanoi Old Quarter Restaurant

On my second stop on Victoria Drive, I decided to try the sister restaurant of Mr. Red Cafe, Hanoi Old Quarter Restaurant. Similar to Viet Mama Cafe, they feature fresh and high-quality ingredients and don’t use any MSG in their dishes. It is clean, cozy, and spacious. It can get busy even on a weekday evening. Unlike other Vietnamese restaurants on the street, you can’t find pho or salad rolls on the menu. Instead, it has a handful of food selections, with unique dishes that you can’t find elsewhere.


Northern Vietnamese Cuisine at Viet Mama Cafe

There are many new Vietnamese restaurants popping up on Victoria Drive, and I am planning to visit a new one every time until I try every single Vietnamese restaurant there! So you might see me blogging about Vietnamese restaurants more for the new little while. Last weekend, Mr. and I went to Viet Mama Cafe, which specializes in Northern Vietnamese cuisine. It is a family-owned business, and you can tell from their service that they really care about customers’ thoughts and hope to offer the best to them. All the dishes here have no MSG and use fresh ingredients.


New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant (????????): Just another Over-Hyped Dimsum Place

There is a new dimsum place opening near my house, so we decided to try it out. It is right next to the new T&T Supermarket on Kingsway and Nanaimo Street, and it is called New Mandarin Seafood Restaurant. It offers dimsum and dinner service. As there are not much Chinese restaurants in that neighborhood, it is always packed. We made a reservation for four people for 12 pm on a Saturday and waited for 45 minutes before we get seated.


Do Chay: New Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Restaurant on Kingsway

Do Chay is a new Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway that features vegetarian and vegan authentic Vietnamese cuisine, with a modern twist. It belongs to the same owner as House Special and Green Lemongrass. Currently, it is at the soft-opening stage, which serves during lunch time. The menu is quite extensive to include Vietnamese street food, noodle bowls, and rice bowls. It also offers cocktails and Vietnamese iced coffee. I am invited to a media preview before its grand opening on May 18, and the food is unique and delicious!

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