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Fufu Café Dine Out 2021 Menu

fufu café tiramisu soufflé pancake - pigoutyvr

On my second stop for Dine Out Vancouver Festival, I went to Fufu Café with my family. It was my first time trying the Japanese Souffle Pancake in Vancouver, and I am excited especially with such an amazing deal in the Dine Out menu.


Crab Hut x Missing Chopsticks

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to attend a private dining event, hosted by Crab Hut and Missing Chopsticks. The menu is designed by Chef Edward Cheng, featuring both Golden Crab Roe from Crab Hut and signature XO Sauce from Missing Chopsticks. The dishes are presented in an Asian fusion style, and it is surprising to see some unique combinations happening on the plate.

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