Mayelo Foods: Mexican Food Delivering to your House in this Cold Winter

Mayelo Foods recently opens its door, and it serves authentic Mexican dishes, such as tacos, taco dorado, and horchata, etc. With food delivery being more popular these days, it doesn’t have a storefront. Instead, it offers food delivery directly to your house through UberEats and DoorDash. Prior to the grand opening, the owners hand-delivered some food items to my door, and I was so thankful for this personal service. Anyway, let me tell you what I think about them.

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Milksha (迷客夏): a New Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain on Robson Street

I have been going to a lot of bubble tea shops lately. At one point, I was visiting five different shops in one week, which was probably a crazy move. Anyway, Robson Street is slowly turning into a street of bubble tea. I’ve counted, including the ones that are opening soon, there are at least seven different shops, opening side by side. Milksha (迷客夏), a popular Taiwanese bubble tea chain recently opened its door on Robson Street, next to Ole Chicken & Tapas. This is the first location in North America, which I am excited to be one of the first customers to try them!

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BlackBall Canada – the Best Taiwanese Dessert in Vancouver

BlackBall Canada is about to open their BC’s first location in Richmond, and I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak of their menu and some of the signature dessert items. It is a bright and spacious corner store, located at the Union Square. Unlike majority of the dessert places in Vancouver, it has two floors. Although the second floor is still under construction, I am excited to be up there once they opened to the public. Now let’s get into the real talk!

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