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My Love with Jerk Chicken: Rasta Pasta or Tasty’s Caribbean Cuisine?

My love with jerk chicken starts to bloom in Toronto. Mr. told me that Toronto has the largest population of Jamaicans in Canada, and the Jamaican cuisine there is a must-try. As I have never tried authentic ones before, we went to two restaurants during the vacation – Rasta Pasta and Tasty’s Caribbean Cuisine. We tried the Jerk Chicken in both places, and I am about to tell you which one is my favourite.


More on Spadina Avenue: Homemade Ramen (????????)

One thing I noticed in Toronto is that there are many homemade noodle shop, and there is one on Spadina Avenue that I enjoyed a lot. Homemade Ramen (????????) sells authentic lan zhou ramen (????). Once you enter the shop, you can see a chef at the back pulling noodles non-stop. They make the noodles fresh to order, and they have 6 different noodles to choose from. Each has a different thickness and width.


Continue Exploring on Spadina Avenue: Icha Tea (???)

Spadina Avenue has many bubble tea shops, but there is also this cute independant cafe/tea bar that serves chinese tea, matcha, and tea-infused treats. Icha Tea (???) is known as the heaven for tea lovers on Spadina Avenue. Once you step in, you can first order at the counter. There is a few seats where you can sit and wait for your takeout orders. Otherwise, you can continue to walk inside, passing through an authentic Chinese tea bar, and you can then find more seatings. It is spacious and quiet. There are many students working in the corner, as well as groups chilling around with drinks and desserts.


A Gem on Spadina Avenue: TRU Tea (??)

Walking down Spadina Avenue (aka Chinatown), we found a bubble tea shop that has a spacious interior and unique drinks. TRU Tea (??) is all about using high-quality ingredients to serve a redefined cup of bubble tea for customers. Compared to bubble tea shops in Vancouver, they are reasonably priced, given the fact that they don’t use any powder in the drinks. We enjoyed it so much, and it is funny that not a lot of Torontonians know about this place. We went back multiple times to try different drinks.

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